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Party like it’s 1999…

Hey Guys,

So, I have to say that even though I was born in the 80s I am definitely a child of the 90s at heart. Last Saturday, I decided to finally clean my apartment. Ha Ha I had such a mess. I love to listen to music while I clean and nothing is better to get in a good mood while you are doing something that you dread than music.

I have so many oldies in my iPod, but I was craving my boy bands and my Britney, circa 1999. That was such a great year. Music was great (Yes, my obsession for Pop music became my religion), I was doing awesome in school and remember Y2K?

And please don’t tell me you didn’t watch TRL every day after school (I love Carson Daly) or that you didn’t watch the 9.9.99 VMAs. Hello? Uh-mazing. 

I had such a fun time cleaning and reminiscing about what an awesome year that was. And about the person that I was then. Not a care in the world. At least not a serious one anyway.

Want to reminisce too? Here is a throwback:

You are my fire, the one desire… Yes I know it’s too late but I want it that way. Tell me why ain’t nothing but a heartache. Tell me why ain’t nothing but a mistake. Tell me why I never want to hear you say I want it that way.

It’s tearing up my heart when I am with you, but when we are apart I feel it too. And no matter what I do I feel the pain with or without you. — Classic

My loneliness it’s killing me. I must confess I still believe (I still believe), when I am not with you I lose my mind. Give me a siiiiign. Hit me baby one more time.

And for the guys:

File:Blink-182 - Enema of the State cover.jpg

And that’s about the time she walked away from me. Nobody likes you when you’re 23. I’m still more amused by TV shows. What the hell is ADD? My friends say I should act my age. What’s my age again? What’s my age again?

And scene… Songs stuck in your head y’all.


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Please Read

Hey Guys,

One of the things that I wanted to do this Summer was read more. I’ve never been a fan of books. I always read the ones that they made us read in school, but I’ve never had the fervent desire to devour a book from cover to cover. I just don’t have the patience. I will read a good gossip magazine though. Ha Ha!

And as another twist: I will buy books with the hope that I will read them and then halfway through reading them I give up. There is seriously something wrong with me. I know.

In order to keep up my promise of reading more. I have decided to challenge myself. I will finish up reading the books that I started, but never finished, in the next three weeks. I have three books, so I think that is enough time. Right? Please don’t laugh at the fact that I am a slow reader.

Here is the lineup:

sTori Telling — The story of Tori, a poor little rich girl.

An Object of Beauty — A story of a girl trying to do whatever it takes to move up in the New York art dealing world. Plus the “father” from the “Father of the Bride” wrote it.

On Becoming Fearless — Arianna Huffington gives us tips on love, work and life.



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Current Obsessions

Here is what I’m currently obsessed with:

Tranny Platforms courtesy of Target. I am currently working on breaking them in. Little Steps…

August issue of Vogue with SJP on the cover. Couldn’t ask for anything better! Oh wait, The September Issue!

High-larious note cards. My friends know that I am obsessed with stationery. Love these! Can you just hear me saying these things?


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Windows of New York - Macy’s Herald Square

I am back and I promise I won’t go away again. This month is going to be filled with a lot of uh-mazing things. I feel this blog really has inspired me to release the creativity within. I always complain that I am not creative enough, so I am pushing myself to be.

With that said, today I am debuting a new series on my blog. “Windows of New York”. No, I am not going to be blogging about building windows, I am talking about store windows.

I find that store windows are a great source for inspiration. They make you dream about new outfits, allow you to covet the unattainable in some cases (LOL) and can inspire you to rework things in your closet.

First Up — Macy’s Herald Square

I have to admit I am not a fan of department stores, but when you have a store that covers an entire block it’s kind of hard not to flock to it from time to time (plus my office is a block away). You will see that their latest window displays feature a variety of flowy pieces, vibrant colors, comfy platforms and chunky accessories. You are bound to have similar items in your closet, as they are the it items this summer. I am certainly recreating one of these outfits. You should too.



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Simple Decorating

Hey Guys!

One thing that really excited me about my move to New York was the fact that I was going to be able to have my own apartment. I was looking forward to having a blank palatte where I could showcase my aesthetic, my personality. I found this adorable studio in the Upper East Side that I moved into in February.

One thing about living in NY apartments is that you have to be super creative with the space you have. I decided to go with a shabby chic vibe: simple, feminine, comfortable and with a vintage feel.

Here are a few decorating touches that have made my apartment feel like a home.

Stacked Antrhopologie plates (found on sale of course), and table napkins wrapped with a strand of pearls.

Vintage stool (Found at a thrift store) where I or my guests could sit and read my growing stack of magazines.

I thought the knobs on my Ikea dresser where kind of tacky, so I replaced them with these adorable ones from Anthropologie. Love the way it turned out.

Thrift store plates/bowls and photo holders serve as jewerly displays.

On top of my kitchen counter which also serves as my dining table, I have stacked cook books topped by a picture frame (the glass broke so I decided to keep the frame) which serves as a display for my salt shaker, a picture of my parents and my napkin holders.

Hope you liked what you see and it inspires you to decorate your home.


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